Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.



Lake side afternoon snack.

Lake side afternoon snack.



There is a kind of success that is indistinguishable from panic.
Edgar De Gas



I was startled by a stranger’s kindness today. I’m sad to admit that, but it seems to be a rare thing to experience genuine kindness for no particular reason anymore. 

I’m thankful I happened to get on the elevator with that person today and that he said hello and carried on polite conversation for the few seconds we rode down together. I’m thankful the conversation allowed me to forget everything swimming around in my brain and just be for a moment. 

We need to be kind to each other more often. It’s amazing the effect those little things have on others. 



Hilarious reminder for all men :) Don’t forget to get your manholes inspected! #CheckYourColon

Hilarious reminder for all men :) Don’t forget to get your manholes inspected! #CheckYourColon



Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Cervezas and taco salad to celebrate.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Cervezas and taco salad to celebrate.



Spring Saturday

I had the perfect Spring Saturday recently and had to share. 

We started with an exceptional lunch at Epicerie in Rosedale.

Fried Gouda with Cherries and Honey
A proper Caesar Salad


Chicken Terrine


Duck Egg Creme Brulee


We then enjoyed the gardens and peacocks at Mayfield Park.





We ended the day with margaritas at The Oasis and celebrated the sunset.


I love this city! Hope you have a great weekend.

East Austin Urban Farm Tour

I had a wonderful time wandering the streets of the east side last weekend and enjoying all that four of our urban farms have to offer. We toured Springdale Farm, Boggy Creek Farm, Rain Lily Farm, and HausBar Farm. It was a lovely spring day in Austin, and thankfully the rain clouds that hovered over stayed intact for the afternoon. 

Boggy Creek Farmimage

Gin Cocktail from Treaty Oak Distillery


Lovely Beet and Cheese bite from the soon-to-be-opening Olamaie


Some of the animals at HausBar Farm




If you get an opportunity to check out the tour next year, I highly recommend it.



Beyond Picket Fences Turns 5!

Tumblr just informed me that my blog is 5 years old today! Kinda crazy to think that I’ve been doing this blogging thing (albeit sporadically) for the past 5 years. In that time it has evolved from a random post, reblog, or rant here and there, to primarily a food blog where I get to show the world my creative side. Through this blog I have made some amazing relationships and joined a great organization, The Austin Food Blogger Alliance

I’m so happy to have this outlet where I can share my passions and am excited for the continued evolution. To my followers and anyone who visited Beyond Picket Fences at any point, Thank You. I’m glad to have shared this with you. 

To celebrate, here is some never-before-seen images of food porn I’ve taken over the past few years. Enjoy!

Fireside hot chocolate with marshmallows

Spicy Italian Seafood Stew

Cheese and charcuterie board with one of the best cheeses on the planet, La Tur.

Perfectly grilled asparagus and fennel

Fresh butter and goat cheese and Pure Luck Farm

Fried Rice at Elizabeth Street Cafe

Chocolatey awesome dessert at Odd Duck

A bowl of cherries, just because.



Eid-e Shomah Mobarak! Happy New Year!

Today is the vernal equinox which marks that beginning of spring and the start of the Persian New Year. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Above is my haft-seen. Haft-seen stands for 7 S’s which symbolize various good fortunes in the new year. 

The seven S’s I have above are:

Sabzeh (wheat grass) - symbolizing rebirth
Serkeh (vinegar) - symbolizing age and patience
Sib (apples) - symbolizing beauty and health
Sir (garlic) - symbolizing medicine
Somagh (sumac) - symbolizing the color of sunrise
Senjed (dried lotus fruit) - symbolizing love
Sonbol (hyacinth) - symbolizing the coming of spring

I also have an extra seen (S), samanu, which is a sweet wheat pudding that symbolizes affluence.

Other items on the table are:
Mirror: symbolizing the sky and a reflection on the previous year
Tokhmeh Morgh (egg): symbolizing fertility
Shirini (sweets): symbolizes spreading the sweetness
Ajil - mixed nuts
A book of poetry or prayer. I have both the Shahnameh (Book of Kings by Ferdowsi) and the Quran to make my grandmother happy.

Norooz Pirooz!


The Shahnameh

Shirini from Dream Bakery