savoring simplicity

With all the amazing delicious rich food I’ve made and eaten over the holidays I’ve been looking to eat more simply. Beyond the health benefits, sometimes just tasting the basic fresh flavors of your food is a treasure. A few days ago I received my first local box of the year and was happy to see a great variety of delicious winter veggies including turnips.

The simple turnip. Next to the potato it’s one of the most basic root vegetables. The Romans enjoyed a good turnip and it remains a staple in the diets of many cultures today. You can cook a turnip just about any way; add it to most dishes, manipulate it to your hearts desire, and it works, deliciously. I usually add turnips to soups and stews. Occasionally I roast them with a variety of other veggies and herbs. This time I boiled them. Yep, that’s right I took on the complicated task of boiling a turnip in water. Challenging stuff, I know. It gets better, when they were fork soft I simply rough chopped them, sprinkled salt and pepper and drizzled a bit of good olive oil on top.

And guess, what? Freaking delicious! The best turnip I’ve ever had. I made a meal out of these simple superb roots. I enjoyed them so much that it fueled my simple food kick even more. Lots of raw or simply cooked veggies and fruits. Fresh baked bread warm from the oven. A bowl of fluffy rice. It’s happy food, and who doesn’t want to eat food that makes you happy?